The installation of ground anchors to modern certifiable standards requires a new approach to the staking of temporary structures. Guesswork is no longer good enough for examining officers and they want to see an installation which is as well defined as the structure above ground. Our system provides the following features;

  • 20 years history of recorded installations
  • unrivaled experience with temporary structure anchor systems
  • Performance anchors made from hardened steel forged in Sheffield, UK for ultimate quality
  • A manually deployed screw anchor system for the first time
  • 100 System 2000 anchors weigh only 300 kilograms
  • The engine driven insertion tool weighs only 18 kilograms
  • The tripod testing system weighs only 30 kilograms

The Packages

Test Rig

Consisting of a self assembly tripod with hydraulic hand pump and rechargable 3,000 kilogram digital readout load cell. Includes spreader cables and shackles. Attatches to an anchor and when pumped will give a clear reading of the pulling force that the anchor will sustain including factor of safety. Can be used vertically or up to 45 degrees. Supplied in a sturdy hard case with two carry handles and a set of wheels. Weight 38.5 kilos.

Screw Anchors

Available in 770mm and 1200mm lengths with either a single or double earth screw. Unlike most stakes, this product uses hardened steel. Also available is a 770mm extension and a machined, hardened connector. Weights 770mm single screw 4.5kg, double screw 5kg, 1200 mm single screw 7kg, double screw 7.5kg. These anchors when used in a single combination, can achieve holding figures higher than 2,000 kilograms.

Engine Insertion Tools

Premium or standard 2 stroke screw anchor insertion tools. The premium insertion tool produces 2100 Nm of torque, the highest available on the market in man deployable form. Weight 21kg. The standard insertion tool weighs 17kg and produces 1700 Nm of torque. The Premium model uses a rugged Stihl engine without a weight penalty and comes in its own wooden box. Both come with a one year warranty.

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System 2000 provides a complete solution to temporary anchors that can be certified while still being able to be carried in a car or van. It uses 750 millimetre long screw anchors with usually one screw (twin screw anchors are available to special order with minimum quantities). The design allows for using extension shafts to drive the anchor deeper into the ground or simply use multiples of the standard anchor. It has an engine driven torqueless motor to insert the anchors which features a 2 stroke engine and weighs only 18 kilograms. There is full technical documentation for deployment of the anchors and a complete test rig for certifying the load capability of the anchors and to remove anchors that may be stuck.

We plan on providing 3 main systems eventually, with a smaller System 1000 (up to 1 tonne capability) and larger, System 5000 (up to 5 tonnes capability) components being available in the future.

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