ANCA Structural Anchor Systems

We have a simple mission; to provide anchoring products superior to those that were available previously.

The temporary structures industry, like the scaffold industry and erection of structures in general, has undergone many changes over the last 20 years. Certification is now normal where previously there was none. One of the areas that are increasingly getting more and more attention from examining officers is the area of ground anchors. Perhaps because they are out of sight or because they are not able to to be assessed without a physical test, they can tend to be ignored. Under current guidance and legislation this is not acceptable.

Temporary anchors are not a new product, as spiral and screw anchors have been used for soft soils for more than 2 hundred years. What we have done is to put together packages that allow the installer to certify the ground anchors in the same manner as the structure.

In 1998, our design team, Special Structures Lab Ltd, designed a groundbreaking structure called Tensile 1- Valhalla, which was awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest portable structure. During the test and development process, the design team learned how use massive helical screw anchors to accommodate anchor loads up to 30,000 kilograms. These extreme forces require a high level of mechanised equipment using hydraulic motors and an 8 tonne teleporter to deploy the anchors. The anchors travel on steel pallets which can weigh up to 7 tonnes, a considerable amount of equipment to transfer from site to site. Gradually, over a period of years it became apparent that there was and is, a need for a more compact and manageable version of the massive anchors for general use. Structural Anchor Systems now provide the ultimate solution for the scaled down system.