Welcome to ANCA Structural Anchor Systems. We have developed new systems for load bearing anchors for temporary structures such as stages, tents, seating grandstands, scaffold, formwork, thrill rides and all forms of temporary structures which require known holding capabilities. The first of these systems in now on sale in our online shop. Unbelievable as it may sound, our current system can provide up to 2000 kilos of holding force with a 750mm long anchor.

Easily portable

Installed by hand held machine

Lightweight test rig

Most temporary anchor systems use simple stakes which pull out at a much lower load than our advanced design and which perform even more poorly in wet soil conditions.
  1. We have a complete, turnkey package which provides the anchors, the insertion and removal method using engine driven tools and a test and certification method to prove the temporary anchors holding capability.
  2. With our documentation it is possible to assess the load capacities of all of our products in average soil, and with the test rig in any ground condition which is variable such as tarmac covered fill or mixed sandy conditions.
  3. We provide documentation certified by a structural engineer which shows the method of deployment and recommended average load capabilities of the products.

We now have a mature system of anchorage which is easily portable in the boot of a car, installed by hand held machinery, and is capable of being tested with a hand deployed test rig, also carried in the same car.

For enquiries regarding the system please email us using  the contact us button to the left of each page or phone 0114 244 8098